Bindweed Soundvision, 1999


Three boys playing gangsters on a deserted courtyard run into real bad guys. 
shorts Bindweed Soundvision, 2001



music by 
DJ Borka and Šeki

It’s super to be a chick! AGRFT, 1998


Maja Delak in the main role
of a woman taming Time to challenge Death. 
First Prize at 10th Juvenale  in Klagenfurt, Austria 
Best Student Film at the National Festival of Slovenian Film 
Best Sound at the Izola Animation Festival, Izola, Slovenia Super Chick! A.M. 
If writing novels is like planting a forest,
then writing short stories is more like planting a garden.
                                                                                    Haruki Murakami
The Tunnel (Predor) 
Director awarded one year grant for Most Promising Slovenian Filmmaker AGRFT, 1999


Stane Podobnikar in the role of Mr.Zajec, who refuses to give up to old age and decides to dig a tunnel to his dreamland, Japan, from his room.