In a country ruled by two great institutions, the church and a mega-chain of shopping malls, Sister Magdalena (Lucija Šerbedžija), one of the nuns living in a remote monastery, impregnates herself through artificial insemination.
Lucija Šerbedžija
Marko Mandič
Petra Govc
Ludvik Bagari
Milena Zupančič
Janez Hočevar
 as  part  of  the trans-balkan episode film  Some Other Stories
In order to be rehabilitated as a legitimate member of the society, she will have to take an absurd and funny trip through the world of religious consumerism...
But even in this rigid and impossible world there is a need for love.
produced by Dunja Klemenc, Studio Maj
DP Sven Pepeonik
scenography Dušan Milavec
costumes Bjanka Ursulov
make up Tina Šubic