Documentary Films
Rather than searching for it,
I am driven by the fascination with the many faces of Truth.
A bitter-sweet roller coaster ride through a neighborhood endangered by a powerful television antenna. Whether the consequences of radiation as the inhabitants describe them are painfully real or ridiculously overblown stays for the viewer to judge.
An observation of the director and the main actor during the seven months of continuous shooting of the biggest Slovenian TV series ever, picturing the life of Slovenia's 19th century poet, France Preseren. Escaping the form of a classical making-of, Hanna Slak observes the slow immersion of the protagonists in their increasingly fictional existence: that of the fictional characters in the series, but also that of their respective roles and relationships on film set.
All over the United States we find American women of Slovenian descent, members of the Slovenian Women's Union of America, who identify strongly with their almost fantastic idea of being Slovenian. Although at moments absurd to the extreme, their rituals of cooking, dancing and singing are fueled by a very humane need for personal and cultural identity.
100% Slovenian (Američanke)
Art Rebel9, TV SLovenija, 2005
Double Life (Dvojno življenje)
TV Slovenija 2000
 FREAKquences (Brez štroma)
AGRFT, 1997